Website Wednesday: Fork & Beans


This week’s selection is Fork & Beans.

I have few words for this site – meaning it’s gorgeous in its layout and enticing photos. I’d rather you look at it for yourself.

So creative and just clean looking. The photos on the right side help align the left side of the site, and it’s no distracting at all. It just exudes a homemade, yet professional feeling.

I don’t eat gluten-free or vegan, but I might after looking through this site. So many options, including numerous holiday recipes.

I also noticed she is very prolific in her postings. Every few days she churns out another goodie. It takes time and focus to do that, I wonder if she has help?

It’s a definite – ‘why didn’t I think of this?’ kind of site!

Website Wednesday: Food Gawker


This week’s selection is Food Gawker.

As you can see this site is a foodie’s dream. Nothing but giant photos – it resembles Pinterest in appearance.

I don’t think there is much to say about this particular site. Just look at the homepage – shows you everything right there you know?!

And sometimes that’s not a bad thing.

Click on the photo – and it takes you to the referring site. In short, it’s an awesome way to discover a multitude of sites without searching – think of it as a foodie web portal.

Hovering over photos tells you what the food you’re looking at. Underneath are links to Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook – and maybe the best, or worst thing (!), a magnifying glass. It really doesn’t help when you’re hungry! Like I am now! You’ve been warned.

Website Wednesday:


This week’s selection is

And as you can probably guess, I just typed in to see where it would take me. And you know what, I’m happy A) it wasn’t a porn site and B) it actually contains food-related items, like real recipes!

There’s a lot of information on this site, but I think the white background helps visually separate out all the clutter.

The left sidebar is also a nice touch – I can see what other people are searching for with the ‘popular categories.’ As you can imagine, they are what you’d guess, from chicken to potluck and slow cooker, but the point is, it’s really easy to access it. It’s right there – no searching required!

I do wish the main photo – ‘it’s casserole night’ in this case was bigger. I need eye candy to suck me in – and make me stay on the site. I love all the choices, but I also need something visually appealing to draw me in right from the start.

I also thought it was odd ‘popular’ categories and recipes were separated. The larger recipes section might be a better seller if it were placed further up the page, above the fold. Yet, at the same time, it does contain a lot more information where it’s currently placed. It just depends on what you want to sell.

I don’t know, I just wish it had more color, and large photos, but that’s just me. Only downside I see. Otherwise, it’s a great site to bookmark for future food browsing!

Website Wednesday: Association of Food Journalists


This week’s selection is from the Association of Food Journalists.

I can tell you firsthand that this site will soon change its overall look, but for now, this is the homepage.

This is the organization that I proudly belong to.

Food journalists can learn about upcoming conferences and contests. There’s also a scrolling recipe on the right side and a bar at the top for membership.

The links section is pretty expansive – from garlic info, to recipes and cookbooks to the Salt Institute and the Wheat Foods Council.

The greatest resource this site has is the member directory – with attached links. Yes, I am on there. I’m one of the few who work for a TV station (mostly everyone else works for a newspaper.)


Most of the current site is for members, but that may soon change.

While it’s not currently the prettiest site to look at, it does contain a lot of important information if you are interested in food journalism.

Website Wednesday: Fine Dining Lovers


This week’s selection is Fine Dining Lovers.

First of all, tell me that is not in anyway an enticing giant cover photo?! I dare you!

On its homepage, the site says “we talk about best chefs in the world, cooking techniques, food blogs, food design, food festivals, gourmet recipes, Latin America, table tips, tastes.”

And at the bottom, it adds to the ‘talk’ list with “Easter ideas, identita golose, Asia 50 best restaurants, Thanksgiving ideas, Christmas dinner ideas, S. Pellegrino Cooking Cup, Acqua Panna, S. Pellegrino, drinks, gifts for foodies.”

Don’t think I can really improve on that – can you?

I will say the day I visited they featured a travel article on where to get the 7 best cappuccinos in Rome. The photo alone sucked me in. A linked graphic explains espresso variations for those who may not know the difference an Americano and a breve….actually an Americano sounds good right now!

I originally stumbled upon this site by searching for Luca Manfe, the newest winner of MasterChef. I didn’t know a lot about him – despite for watching the show since May (!) – so I thought I’d expand my brain and learn more.

And voila!

Mouth-watering recipes include potato slices with aromatic herbs and shrimps, plum chutney in a jar, French onion soup and pork stuffed with broccoli and cheese.

Since I can’t travel to Italy every week, I must say I really do like the layout and typography a lot – really gives off a European vibe, especially with the metric food measurings.

Abbastanza sito!

Website Wednesday: Candy Warehouse


This week’s selection is from Candy Warehouse.

Ok, put quite simply, imagine Willy Wonka on crack.

And what better time to explore this site than around Halloween time? You’re welcome! I actually stumbled upon this url in Bon Appetit Magazine.

Candies are separated by occasion, brands, types, flavors, holidays and even by color. So if you’re daughter only likes pink, you can accomodate that wish without going nuts! Pink all around! Oh, and she can only eat kosher?! No problem!

I will say I got totally sucked in by the occasion – game – category. I love me some Monopoly – so look what I found. Oh my God! Have you ever seen anything like this anywhere else? Most likely no.


I also like how it’s not all chocolate. I get migraines from it, so it’s nice to see other non-chocolate candies, like gummy bears, taffy or jelly beans.

And what the shelf life of candy? You can learn about that too!

I could seriously spend all day here! Is there anything this site hasn’t thought about?!

Website Wednesday: Bulk Herb Store


This week’s selection is from Bulk Herb Store.

I actually stumbled upon this site after getting a mailer advertising a regional pure food fair.

The Bulk Herb Store offers more than just bulk herbs and herbal mixes, it seems to focus on educating its readers with the joys of all natural products – from the how to section, recipes and even YouTube channel.
The ‘Cooking with Herbs’ section is very detailed and categorized by different types of food and drink – hot cereal, fish, pasta, smoothies, soup, desserts, rice tea, salad dressings…. Point is this site is not just a place to buy herbs. It should be looked at more as an educational /natural lifestyle site.

You can use buy water filters!

I won’t lie – I got most sucked into the research aid section – alphabetized remedies?! You could spend days in there.

Also, my favorite-est recipe? Found it within the catalog – on page 60 – making massage oil. Never really thought of that – and here I’d been using herbs for food and tea! Oh, so much to learn….