Website Wednesday:


This week’s selection is

And as you can probably guess, I just typed in to see where it would take me. And you know what, I’m happy A) it wasn’t a porn site and B) it actually contains food-related items, like real recipes!

There’s a lot of information on this site, but I think the white background helps visually separate out all the clutter.

The left sidebar is also a nice touch – I can see what other people are searching for with the ‘popular categories.’ As you can imagine, they are what you’d guess, from chicken to potluck and slow cooker, but the point is, it’s really easy to access it. It’s right there – no searching required!

I do wish the main photo – ‘it’s casserole night’ in this case was bigger. I need eye candy to suck me in – and make me stay on the site. I love all the choices, but I also need something visually appealing to draw me in right from the start.

I also thought it was odd ‘popular’ categories and recipes were separated. The larger recipes section might be a better seller if it were placed further up the page, above the fold. Yet, at the same time, it does contain a lot more information where it’s currently placed. It just depends on what you want to sell.

I don’t know, I just wish it had more color, and large photos, but that’s just me. Only downside I see. Otherwise, it’s a great site to bookmark for future food browsing!


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