Website Wednesday: Fine Dining Lovers


This week’s selection is Fine Dining Lovers.

First of all, tell me that is not in anyway an enticing giant cover photo?! I dare you!

On its homepage, the site says “we talk about best chefs in the world, cooking techniques, food blogs, food design, food festivals, gourmet recipes, Latin America, table tips, tastes.”

And at the bottom, it adds to the ‘talk’ list with “Easter ideas, identita golose, Asia 50 best restaurants, Thanksgiving ideas, Christmas dinner ideas, S. Pellegrino Cooking Cup, Acqua Panna, S. Pellegrino, drinks, gifts for foodies.”

Don’t think I can really improve on that – can you?

I will say the day I visited they featured a travel article on where to get the 7 best cappuccinos in Rome. The photo alone sucked me in. A linked graphic explains espresso variations for those who may not know the difference an Americano and a breve….actually an Americano sounds good right now!

I originally stumbled upon this site by searching for Luca Manfe, the newest winner of MasterChef. I didn’t know a lot about him – despite for watching the show since May (!) – so I thought I’d expand my brain and learn more.

And voila!

Mouth-watering recipes include potato slices with aromatic herbs and shrimps, plum chutney in a jar, French onion soup and pork stuffed with broccoli and cheese.

Since I can’t travel to Italy every week, I must say I really do like the layout and typography a lot – really gives off a European vibe, especially with the metric food measurings.

Abbastanza sito!


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