Website Wednesday: Candy Warehouse


This week’s selection is from Candy Warehouse.

Ok, put quite simply, imagine Willy Wonka on crack.

And what better time to explore this site than around Halloween time? You’re welcome! I actually stumbled upon this url in Bon Appetit Magazine.

Candies are separated by occasion, brands, types, flavors, holidays and even by color. So if you’re daughter only likes pink, you can accomodate that wish without going nuts! Pink all around! Oh, and she can only eat kosher?! No problem!

I will say I got totally sucked in by the occasion – game – category. I love me some Monopoly – so look what I found. Oh my God! Have you ever seen anything like this anywhere else? Most likely no.


I also like how it’s not all chocolate. I get migraines from it, so it’s nice to see other non-chocolate candies, like gummy bears, taffy or jelly beans.

And what the shelf life of candy? You can learn about that too!

I could seriously spend all day here! Is there anything this site hasn’t thought about?!


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