A la Burning Man


It’s a little known secret I attend Burning Man. For the past 5 of 6 years, I have endured dust and heat for my personal enjoyment of art, counterculture and drinking.

This year was no different. Did I mention the heat?

While I whined to my boyfriend beforehand I wanted to try some gourmet food, he steered me back to my senses and we ended up eating normal or canned food. But we also experimented with some other treats. Like for instance, did you know that caramel and salted rice cakes are sooooo yummy? Myabe it’s the heat talking, but that was a pleasant surprise.

I even got him to try Frangelico with coffee! While that’s not a shocker to coffee enthusiasts, he looked like he never thought of combining the two. Mornings were also spent slaved over a hot Coleman grill frying up bacon to neighboring…apparent….vegetarians. Every year he makes a point of going up with seven pounds of bacon (1 for each day), but this year, he actually came back with some. Much to the delight of surrounding vegetarians.

Our goal was really simple: try to minimize actual cooking. Yes, all the gourmet food dreams I had were basically dismissed by way of brown sugar pop tarts, mini bagel sandwiches, freeze-dried ice cream, bananans and apple slices with caramel dip. Granted it worked, but I’d also would have liked a steak, just sayin’. In reality though – you know how long that would have taken to cook on a Coleman stove? I don’t even have that much patience when I’m *not at Burning Man!

Cocktails were also reduced to smaller portions. Not as cool when you’re guzzling cotton candy vodka out of a disguised shampoo bottle! Luckily, my Frangelico was already a small bottle, so we just kept that and shared it between the both of us.

It’s not even been two weeks since we left the playa – and already we’re planning for next year – and now one of our co-workers will apparently be joining us. Oh boy! Lucky for me, he wants to ‘camp’ in a RV! Hells yeah! Been bitching to get one for the past five years – maybe next year I’ll finally get my wish. And if I do – that opens up a whole new world of food for us.

I just like the idea of Burning Man cooking. It’s something special – and not real camping gourmet. Weather conditions are different, environments are different…..

I know bacon will remain a staple. And that’s fine. I just want to experiment; we already have a somewhat captive audience. And we’re all hungry for real food. Why not play? Plus, those hipster foodie photos will look even cooler with a playa background.

What do you think?

What cooking techniques do you use when you go camping? Do you change and adapt to forest or desert surroundings?


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