Website Wednesday: Bulk Herb Store


This week’s selection is from Bulk Herb Store.

I actually stumbled upon this site after getting a mailer advertising a regional pure food fair.

The Bulk Herb Store offers more than just bulk herbs and herbal mixes, it seems to focus on educating its readers with the joys of all natural products – from the how to section, recipes and even YouTube channel.
The ‘Cooking with Herbs’ section is very detailed and categorized by different types of food and drink – hot cereal, fish, pasta, smoothies, soup, desserts, rice tea, salad dressings…. Point is this site is not just a place to buy herbs. It should be looked at more as an educational /natural lifestyle site.

You can use buy water filters!

I won’t lie – I got most sucked into the research aid section – alphabetized remedies?! You could spend days in there.

Also, my favorite-est recipe? Found it within the catalog – on page 60 – making massage oil. Never really thought of that – and here I’d been using herbs for food and tea! Oh, so much to learn….