At Your Service

Is this a thing? Or does it seem to only happen to me?

I’m noticing more and more that when my boyfriend and I go to restaurants to eat dinner, I’ve noticed that our waiter always seem to focus on me when asking if we’re ok, or if we need more pepper or drinks.

And it doesn’t matter if the server is male or female, somehow my boyfriend disappears into surroundings. Odd.

Somehow over the time I’ve become the unofficial spokesperson for the both of us. Servers can also ask him too, but no, I seem to possess control over new rolls, napkins and eventually, the check.

Does that mean I wear the pants in this relationship? Do I give off something? Or could it be that I seem more friendly than him? He always allows me to order first, but still, we can *both answer if we need something, it’s ok.

Is this some secret forgotten to be mentioned in Kitchen Confidential? Is it part of polite society, and I’m just learning it now?

Can I really be that slow?


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