Website Wednesday: Food Republic


This week’s selection is Food Republic.

Of course, you get your recipes, food and drink articles, but I think what really sets this particular site apart from the others is the food politics section. School lunches, genetically engineered burgers and the latest on farm bill debates? Check, check and check.

Other section choices include: tailgating (!) and my personal favorite, chef talk where you can learn more about the people behind the cookbooks and food you love. I especially enjoyed the homepage’s Mexican chicken salad with guacamole and fresh romaine recipe from Rick Bayless since I met him last year in Washington, D.C. and cried my eyes out to him.

A nice surprise is the occasional ‘Talking Points’ section. It includes links to food-related articles on other sites, like Esquire, Forbes and the New York Post. The day I looked at the section, it linked to an article to a very visual pasta shape poster. So the next time you needed to know the difference between spaghetti, linguine and angel hair – it’s right there hanging on your wall for all the world to see.

An article posted directly also helped somewhat illiterate foodies learn the difference between ice cream and gelato (fat, air and temperature). More importantly, you can’t avoid ice cream headaches if you eat too much, yes, despite what it’s called!