Website Wednesday: Eataly


This week’s selection is Eataly.

I hadn’t heard of this particular place until I watched Charlie Rose one night on the future of Italian food with two chefs/owners and a food writer. In a nutshell, it’s safe to say, yes, its future is secure.

But they mentioned this website, so of course I went to it.

Think of this site as an Italian Williams-Sonoma, same look, same feel. While I lamented how stark another food blogger’s website was, this site’s white background works. It looks clean and professional.

One nice feature about this site is the depth of detail. For instance, when deciding to buy from the olive oil section, you can choose by region, producer and flavor profile. There’s even a nice little informational backgrounder above the products.

There’s a very nice meat section. Truth be told, I might be iffy to order just because I’m on the other side of the country. I’m sure all precautions are made to ensure safe delivery of veal and sausage, I would just feel better buying fresh beef from a closer supplier. I take those things into consideration you know? If I lived in New York, hells’ yeah, but Reno, or Hawaii? Maybe it gets too hot in transit – things happen.

On the other hand, I’m all for cookies! Almond, hazelnuts, mangos, fruit jellies. My sweet teeth (!) ache with joy just browsing.

And the gift section? It’s divine. Pasta, beer, honey products…you can even order baskets by chef. What else can you ask for for that number one Lidia fan?!

Most surprising to me was the beauty section – yes a real beauty section on a ‘food’ website. Bath soaps co-mingle with kitchen knives, hand cream and salt and pepper castors.

Without ever stepping foot out of America, I really do feel like I’ve tasted Italy. And I know that I will revisit often.


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