Website Wednesday: Love From the Oven


This week’s selection is ‘Love From the Oven.’

I can’t tell you how happy I am that I stumbled upon this little yummy gem!

As you can imagine, those headline colors sucked me right in! I suspect, the developers went for a candy feel, and guess who fell for it?! Sweet Teeth Kellene! Butter and cheese? Don’t care – but candy and other sweet treats?! Sucked in.

And then when I started browsing the site my eyes went into full food porn mode! Oh my God. I nearly had to be peeled away! The photos alone are amazing in their own right. Big and detailed. And really – isn’t that the only things you really need for a food blog!

Ice cream recipes, baking by holiday and even printables! It really is like a fun house. Hey, wait a second…

A huge portion of the right side is plastered with more mouth-watering photos under the title ‘Favorite Recipes.’ Pretty sure I got fat just by staring at them. 🙂 I clicked on one and nearly died at what I had stumbled upon – cake mix cinnamon waffles. Holy crap!

I also appreciate the ‘Behind the Scenes’ photo section positioned on the bottom right hand side. Nice to see how things come about. I get that; I work in news, and not everyone understands anchors are not the only ones who do the work – there are multitudes of hard-working people who assemble newscasts, now, 24 hours a day.

I will also say whoever runs this site is into ‘The Chew.’ There are a few blog posts about the show.

Besides that, I can see myself going back and back and back…for more sugar love.


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