Website Wednesday: Bulk Herb Store


This week’s selection is from Bulk Herb Store.

I actually stumbled upon this site after getting a mailer advertising a regional pure food fair.

The Bulk Herb Store offers more than just bulk herbs and herbal mixes, it seems to focus on educating its readers with the joys of all natural products – from the how to section, recipes and even YouTube channel.
The ‘Cooking with Herbs’ section is very detailed and categorized by different types of food and drink – hot cereal, fish, pasta, smoothies, soup, desserts, rice tea, salad dressings…. Point is this site is not just a place to buy herbs. It should be looked at more as an educational /natural lifestyle site.

You can use buy water filters!

I won’t lie – I got most sucked into the research aid section – alphabetized remedies?! You could spend days in there.

Also, my favorite-est recipe? Found it within the catalog – on page 60 – making massage oil. Never really thought of that – and here I’d been using herbs for food and tea! Oh, so much to learn….

At Your Service

Is this a thing? Or does it seem to only happen to me?

I’m noticing more and more that when my boyfriend and I go to restaurants to eat dinner, I’ve noticed that our waiter always seem to focus on me when asking if we’re ok, or if we need more pepper or drinks.

And it doesn’t matter if the server is male or female, somehow my boyfriend disappears into surroundings. Odd.

Somehow over the time I’ve become the unofficial spokesperson for the both of us. Servers can also ask him too, but no, I seem to possess control over new rolls, napkins and eventually, the check.

Does that mean I wear the pants in this relationship? Do I give off something? Or could it be that I seem more friendly than him? He always allows me to order first, but still, we can *both answer if we need something, it’s ok.

Is this some secret forgotten to be mentioned in Kitchen Confidential? Is it part of polite society, and I’m just learning it now?

Can I really be that slow?

Website Wednesday: Food Republic


This week’s selection is Food Republic.

Of course, you get your recipes, food and drink articles, but I think what really sets this particular site apart from the others is the food politics section. School lunches, genetically engineered burgers and the latest on farm bill debates? Check, check and check.

Other section choices include: tailgating (!) and my personal favorite, chef talk where you can learn more about the people behind the cookbooks and food you love. I especially enjoyed the homepage’s Mexican chicken salad with guacamole and fresh romaine recipe from Rick Bayless since I met him last year in Washington, D.C. and cried my eyes out to him.

A nice surprise is the occasional ‘Talking Points’ section. It includes links to food-related articles on other sites, like Esquire, Forbes and the New York Post. The day I looked at the section, it linked to an article to a very visual pasta shape poster. So the next time you needed to know the difference between spaghetti, linguine and angel hair – it’s right there hanging on your wall for all the world to see.

An article posted directly also helped somewhat illiterate foodies learn the difference between ice cream and gelato (fat, air and temperature). More importantly, you can’t avoid ice cream headaches if you eat too much, yes, despite what it’s called!

Turkey Introduces Warning Labels for Alcohol

Bottles and cans of alcohol sold in Turkey must soon bear warnings similar to those on cigarette packages, reminding drinkers that “Alcohol is not your friend.”

The new regulations about the labels are the result of a law passed in May that restricts the sale and advertising of alcohol.

The law was one reason a wave of anti-government protests hit Turkey in June.

Demonstrators served it up as an example of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan overstepping his authority and imposing his Islamist views on a country with a strong secular history.

The labels also must indicate that only people over the age of 18 can consume alcohol and warn pregnant women and drivers not to drink.

Companies have 10 months to comply with the regulations, which were released Sunday. (AP)

Grumpy Cat Gets a New Coffee


I know, I know, but I have a twitball at home, so I’m almost obligated to post this – unless I want to get peed on during sleeping tonight. 

Adweek reports Grumppuccino will come in three flavors – coffee, vanilla and mocha – starting this September.

If you haven’t seen Tardar Sauce, a.k.a. Grumpy Cat, you can’t miss her – she started out as an internet meme, but now has millions of adoring fans, a book, and a movie in the works.

Not bad for a cat who doesn’t like anything!

Only costs $29.95 for a case of 12.

Website Wednesday: Eataly


This week’s selection is Eataly.

I hadn’t heard of this particular place until I watched Charlie Rose one night on the future of Italian food with two chefs/owners and a food writer. In a nutshell, it’s safe to say, yes, its future is secure.

But they mentioned this website, so of course I went to it.

Think of this site as an Italian Williams-Sonoma, same look, same feel. While I lamented how stark another food blogger’s website was, this site’s white background works. It looks clean and professional.

One nice feature about this site is the depth of detail. For instance, when deciding to buy from the olive oil section, you can choose by region, producer and flavor profile. There’s even a nice little informational backgrounder above the products.

There’s a very nice meat section. Truth be told, I might be iffy to order just because I’m on the other side of the country. I’m sure all precautions are made to ensure safe delivery of veal and sausage, I would just feel better buying fresh beef from a closer supplier. I take those things into consideration you know? If I lived in New York, hells’ yeah, but Reno, or Hawaii? Maybe it gets too hot in transit – things happen.

On the other hand, I’m all for cookies! Almond, hazelnuts, mangos, fruit jellies. My sweet teeth (!) ache with joy just browsing.

And the gift section? It’s divine. Pasta, beer, honey products…you can even order baskets by chef. What else can you ask for for that number one Lidia fan?!

Most surprising to me was the beauty section – yes a real beauty section on a ‘food’ website. Bath soaps co-mingle with kitchen knives, hand cream and salt and pepper castors.

Without ever stepping foot out of America, I really do feel like I’ve tasted Italy. And I know that I will revisit often.

Happy National Root Beer Float Day!


The ice cream concoction has been around since about 1874 – and was probably invented by Frank Wisner, a Colorado soda shop owner.

According to legend, he noticed some snowy peaks on dark mountains and thought it looked like ice cream in dark soda.

If you want to raise a glass and celebrate, A&W is offering up free root beer floats today after 2pm!