What’s Your Ice Cream Flavor?


It could become the new pickup line – what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Last week, NBC Nightly News aired a segment, no less on National Ice Cream Day, about a new unscientific survey Baskin Robbins conducted on ice cream and personality types. A few days later it got picked up by ABC on its ‘The Lookout’ consumer show.

I totally forgot about it until I saw the survey a second time; I wanted to pass this information along, just because it’s fun and lively and a conversation starter.

Baskin Robbins partnered with Dr. Alan Hirsch for its published survey. In case you didn’t know, Hirsch is the founder of Smell &Taste Treatment Research Foundation.

So let’s get to it –

First up – vanilla. If this is your favorite flavor you are more likely to be impulsive, easily suggestible and an idealist. I love vanilla. And I had no idea that this boring flavor could be such a delicious personality trait! Watch out world!

Chocolate – who doesn’t love chocolate?! I had a torrid affair with the flavor when I was younger, and now I’m paying for that affair with migraines…..If you love this flavor you are lively, charming, seductive, gullible and dramatic.

Very Berry Strawberry – you are an introvert, tolerant and devoted. Oh la la!

Mint Chocolate Chip – another fav of mine – is popular among frugal, cautious and argumentative personality types.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – seriously, this is torture for my head! – You are a visionary, competitive and ambitious. Wonder if Steve Jobs ate this?!

Pralines n’ Cream – I’m more surprised this one was even on the list but it’s a good thing since those people are loving and supportive and shun attention.

Coffee – mmmmmm – a moral perfectionist, conscientious and scrupulous. Wonder if that changes for actual coffee drinkers? Starbucks may want to pay attention.

Chocolate chip – we really love our chocolate America! – you’re generous, competent and a go-getter.

Rainbow Sherbet – this one seemed odd to me – you’re more likely to be decisive, pessimistic and analytic. This ice cream just conjures up hippies to me, so I have a hard time understanding the traits. Plus, how can you be decisive with all those flavors just in that *one dessert? Or maybe you just want them all! This flavor just seems more ‘loose’ to me.

Lastly, there’s Rocky Road. If this is your favorite, you are a good listener, engaging and aggressive.

Do you agree with these findings? Does your favorite flavor stack up with the mentioned personality traits? I want to know what you think!

To look at the survey, go to http://news.baskinrobbins.com/Press-Releases/BASKIN-ROBBINS-REVEALS-WHAT-YOUR-FAVORITE-ICE-CREAM-FLAVOR-SAYS-ABOUT-YOU-43a.aspx


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