Website Wednesday: Bake it With Booze


This week’s selection is Bake it With Booze.

First off – what a genuis thought right?! Combining food *and liquor?! Why didn’t I think of this?! I love me some Kahlua brownies or milkshakes!

For days now, I’ve been greeted by a giant photo of campfire cocktail s’mores bars on the homepage. You can’t get any better advertising than that!

Recipes are separated by liquor: ale, beer, hard cider, amaretto, bourbon, champagne, Irish cream, gin, Kahlua, rum, tequila, vodka and whiskey, for example. ‘Other’ contains various articles.

Food titles alone make your mouth water – it really is like eating liquor. I mean who wouldn’t want to try strawberry daiquiri cake, cosmopolitan and pina colada cupcakes, and hard cider apple pie?

I made the mistake of clicking on Kahlua cake – and almost nearly died! Oh yeah, I printed it!

The site is somewhat bland to look at, mostly white, but I do like the logo though – describes the site in four words.

Bake It With Booze is part of The Daily Meal Culinary Content Network which is basically an expanded version of BIWB and even offers holiday and travel sections. So once you get your fill of liquor you can continue your food binges over there!


2 thoughts on “Website Wednesday: Bake it With Booze

  1. Thanks for the shoutout of our blog! Our initial designer made up go with white, we wanted more color. But, we think she’ rocked it in our logo. 🙂 We so appreciate your support!

    Best, Ellen and Jacqueline @BakeItWithBooze

    • The logo?! Genuis! I really enjoy the site – and I’m a sucker for anything liquor! Keep up the good work! I’m watching!! 😉

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