Food is Where the Heart Is

It’s the little things in life right?!

My boyfriend surprised me yesterday with a Hostess lemon pie. He knows I love them, and without any prodding, he took it upon himself to make my workday a little brighter!

A few days earlier, he got me this:


Yes, it is true – they are a little smaller, but who cares?! It really is thought that counts. And to me, you can’t put a price on that.

This past weekend while taking a nap from the heat (!), I woke up to find my father busily baking a spice cake for us. The smell was heavenly.


It’s actually the second spice cake he’s made in three or so months. Despite it being a box cake, it reminds me of when my mother and I would cook/bake together. And that’s important to point out, it’s really about making memories, not how or where the ingredients came from; it’s time spent with a loved one who cares about pride and providing food to his daughter.

When he was ready to frost it, he sliced off a portion of the lopsided top and gave it to me. I in turn, gave very small scraps to our doggies. And of course they loved it!

While his frosting technique may not be up to par, he does complete the task in good time!

The next morning he suggested I share it with my co-workers. He then said he’d stop by around 11am to drop it off. (He didn’t make it sloshing around inside my car.)


Around 10:45am our doorbell rang and a cheerful voice walked through the door.

I’m starting to think he’s more popular at work than me! Which is fine. When I worked the morning show a few years back, he’d sometimes surprise us with Egg McMuffins or hash browns from McDonald’s. Why? Because he wanted to.

He loves me, and I’m so thankful he’s in my life. Of course I wish my mother was here, but I know she’s watching over us laughing at our amateur food failures!


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