Website Wednesday: 101 Cookbooks


This week’s selection is 101 Cookbooks.

The first thing you notice is the giant – and very clear and close-up – photos of dishes. Underneath are mostly small personal stories, which is nice instead of straight-up recipes. Sometimes stories behind the dishes are just as delicious as the food itself!

The photos and accompanying stories really exude a comfort-feel vibe. Which is kind of nice. Stuffiness is nowhere to be found here! I feel like I really know blogger/author Heidi Swanson with each post.

Foods are further separated by season and ingredient. So if you love tomato or lemon, this site is for you! I’m a pasta geek, so I was stoked to see her category on it. I won’t lie – the recipe page for macaroni salad nearly killed me it was so damn pretty!

And then I made the lethal mistake of going to the very bottom of the webpage to see a ‘no bake chocolate cake’ recipe. Super simple to make too. Apparently I’m into torturing myself! (Before my mother died, she made the best flourless chocolate cake ever. I can still taste it now…….)

Despite 101 Cookbooks being food focused, duh, it does offer a nice side helping of travel! London, Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo, Rome and even Lake Tahoe are featured! Articles give off a ‘Favorite Things’ Oprah feel.


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