101 ‘Fast’ Foods That Changed the World


Recently the History Channel profiled the best fast foods in history. Before you read the list, know that fast food doesn’t mean McDonalds-fast-food. Fast is based on convenience and readiness for humans. For example, yogurt isn’t fast to make, but it’s fast to eat.

I didn’t watch the entire show, but I did note the top 20. I even noted some tidbits they shared.

20. Instant noodles
Instant noodles was used after the Japan tsunami to help survivors.

19. Dumplings

18. Burritos

17. Canned tuna
Only coffee and sugar sells more at grocery stores.

16. Olives

15. Corn on the cob
Corn is the biggest crop in the world.

14. Falafel

13. Yogurt

12. Bagels

11. Cold cuts

10. French Fries
One in 3 fries is from McDonalds.

9. BBQ

8. Jerky

7. Pizza
Three billion pizzas are sold in the U.S. every year.
And 94% of Americans eat pizza regularly.

6. Honey

5. Fried Chicken

4. Pickles

3. Bananas

2. Hot dogs
185 million hot dogs are sold on the Fourth of July every year

1. Hamburgers
Fifteen billion hamburgers are sold every year

What do you think of this list? Do you think the experts got it right?


2 thoughts on “101 ‘Fast’ Foods That Changed the World

  1. The title should be “101 fast food that changed America”. Most of the
    food are only of significance in America. Some foods are virtually
    unheard of in other parts of the world. There are just a handful of
    food that is of international significance. Rather arrogant to say that
    “American” foods changed the world.

  2. Regarding The History Channel’s 101 fast foods that changed the world: Hamburgers are #1 vs. pizza at #7. But consider – HC states that 15 billion hamburgers are sold every year. And 3 billion pizzas (meaning pies) are sold just in the US every year. BUT…how many slices of pizza are in a pie? Ten? So a single slice of pizza verses a single hamburger amounts to this score board.
    PIZZA = 30 billion slices to HAMBURGERS at 15 billion. PIZZA is clearly the winner. FORGETABOUTIT …

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