Website Wednesday: Foodista


This week’s selection is from Foodista.

I really enjoy this site because it just feels like a never ending spiral of tasty delights!

Besides the obvious professional recipe section, this site also dishes out a healthy community added recipe section. The day

I visited there were instructions for strawberry sauce tartlets, lemon curd coconut bars and chocolate-date cake with chocolate sticky toffee glaze.

And like me, they offer Wednesday ‘specials’ like Whiskey Wednesday, Wheatless Wednesday and Wine Wednesday! Way better than mine huh!

Various food and drink blogs ‘of the day’ are also featured on the right side of the webpage.

I’m also a huge sucker for infographics. I’m a visual person so anytime I see them, I zoom right in. I spied candies to make at home, how to make grilled cheese sandwiches and ten foods that will help you burn fat fast.

God, just makes my mouth water thinking about all the possibilities on this site!


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