What’s Your Ice Cream Flavor?


It could become the new pickup line – what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Last week, NBC Nightly News aired a segment, no less on National Ice Cream Day, about a new unscientific survey Baskin Robbins conducted on ice cream and personality types. A few days later it got picked up by ABC on its ‘The Lookout’ consumer show.

I totally forgot about it until I saw the survey a second time; I wanted to pass this information along, just because it’s fun and lively and a conversation starter.

Baskin Robbins partnered with Dr. Alan Hirsch for its published survey. In case you didn’t know, Hirsch is the founder of Smell &Taste Treatment Research Foundation.

So let’s get to it –

First up – vanilla. If this is your favorite flavor you are more likely to be impulsive, easily suggestible and an idealist. I love vanilla. And I had no idea that this boring flavor could be such a delicious personality trait! Watch out world!

Chocolate – who doesn’t love chocolate?! I had a torrid affair with the flavor when I was younger, and now I’m paying for that affair with migraines…..If you love this flavor you are lively, charming, seductive, gullible and dramatic.

Very Berry Strawberry – you are an introvert, tolerant and devoted. Oh la la!

Mint Chocolate Chip – another fav of mine – is popular among frugal, cautious and argumentative personality types.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – seriously, this is torture for my head! – You are a visionary, competitive and ambitious. Wonder if Steve Jobs ate this?!

Pralines n’ Cream – I’m more surprised this one was even on the list but it’s a good thing since those people are loving and supportive and shun attention.

Coffee – mmmmmm – a moral perfectionist, conscientious and scrupulous. Wonder if that changes for actual coffee drinkers? Starbucks may want to pay attention.

Chocolate chip – we really love our chocolate America! – you’re generous, competent and a go-getter.

Rainbow Sherbet – this one seemed odd to me – you’re more likely to be decisive, pessimistic and analytic. This ice cream just conjures up hippies to me, so I have a hard time understanding the traits. Plus, how can you be decisive with all those flavors just in that *one dessert? Or maybe you just want them all! This flavor just seems more ‘loose’ to me.

Lastly, there’s Rocky Road. If this is your favorite, you are a good listener, engaging and aggressive.

Do you agree with these findings? Does your favorite flavor stack up with the mentioned personality traits? I want to know what you think!

To look at the survey, go to http://news.baskinrobbins.com/Press-Releases/BASKIN-ROBBINS-REVEALS-WHAT-YOUR-FAVORITE-ICE-CREAM-FLAVOR-SAYS-ABOUT-YOU-43a.aspx

Website Wednesday: Bake it With Booze


This week’s selection is Bake it With Booze.

First off – what a genuis thought right?! Combining food *and liquor?! Why didn’t I think of this?! I love me some Kahlua brownies or milkshakes!

For days now, I’ve been greeted by a giant photo of campfire cocktail s’mores bars on the homepage. You can’t get any better advertising than that!

Recipes are separated by liquor: ale, beer, hard cider, amaretto, bourbon, champagne, Irish cream, gin, Kahlua, rum, tequila, vodka and whiskey, for example. ‘Other’ contains various articles.

Food titles alone make your mouth water – it really is like eating liquor. I mean who wouldn’t want to try strawberry daiquiri cake, cosmopolitan and pina colada cupcakes, and hard cider apple pie?

I made the mistake of clicking on Kahlua cake – and almost nearly died! Oh yeah, I printed it!

The site is somewhat bland to look at, mostly white, but I do like the logo though – describes the site in four words.

Bake It With Booze is part of The Daily Meal Culinary Content Network which is basically an expanded version of BIWB and even offers holiday and travel sections. So once you get your fill of liquor you can continue your food binges over there!

Food is Where the Heart Is

It’s the little things in life right?!

My boyfriend surprised me yesterday with a Hostess lemon pie. He knows I love them, and without any prodding, he took it upon himself to make my workday a little brighter!

A few days earlier, he got me this:


Yes, it is true – they are a little smaller, but who cares?! It really is thought that counts. And to me, you can’t put a price on that.

This past weekend while taking a nap from the heat (!), I woke up to find my father busily baking a spice cake for us. The smell was heavenly.


It’s actually the second spice cake he’s made in three or so months. Despite it being a box cake, it reminds me of when my mother and I would cook/bake together. And that’s important to point out, it’s really about making memories, not how or where the ingredients came from; it’s time spent with a loved one who cares about pride and providing food to his daughter.

When he was ready to frost it, he sliced off a portion of the lopsided top and gave it to me. I in turn, gave very small scraps to our doggies. And of course they loved it!

While his frosting technique may not be up to par, he does complete the task in good time!

The next morning he suggested I share it with my co-workers. He then said he’d stop by around 11am to drop it off. (He didn’t make it sloshing around inside my car.)


Around 10:45am our doorbell rang and a cheerful voice walked through the door.

I’m starting to think he’s more popular at work than me! Which is fine. When I worked the morning show a few years back, he’d sometimes surprise us with Egg McMuffins or hash browns from McDonald’s. Why? Because he wanted to.

He loves me, and I’m so thankful he’s in my life. Of course I wish my mother was here, but I know she’s watching over us laughing at our amateur food failures!

Hostess Says Snack Cake Demand Hits New Highs


Hostess Brands says demand for Twinkies and CupCakes is at a record high since the snack cakes returned to shelves less than four days ago.

The treats disappeared from shelves almost eight months ago when the predecessor company that made them shut down its plants and said that it was going out of business. The cakes are back under new ownership.

The Twinkies are a bit smaller than before, but that hasn’t shrunk their popularity.

Hostess says sales of its products are seven times greater than historic levels. Orders are three to six times greater than its production capacity, even though it is running bakeries at maximum levels.

Numerous retailers told Hostess this week that they had sold out of the snack cakes within hours of them being displayed. (AP)

Website Wednesday: 101 Cookbooks


This week’s selection is 101 Cookbooks.

The first thing you notice is the giant – and very clear and close-up – photos of dishes. Underneath are mostly small personal stories, which is nice instead of straight-up recipes. Sometimes stories behind the dishes are just as delicious as the food itself!

The photos and accompanying stories really exude a comfort-feel vibe. Which is kind of nice. Stuffiness is nowhere to be found here! I feel like I really know blogger/author Heidi Swanson with each post.

Foods are further separated by season and ingredient. So if you love tomato or lemon, this site is for you! I’m a pasta geek, so I was stoked to see her category on it. I won’t lie – the recipe page for macaroni salad nearly killed me it was so damn pretty!

And then I made the lethal mistake of going to the very bottom of the webpage to see a ‘no bake chocolate cake’ recipe. Super simple to make too. Apparently I’m into torturing myself! (Before my mother died, she made the best flourless chocolate cake ever. I can still taste it now…….)

Despite 101 Cookbooks being food focused, duh, it does offer a nice side helping of travel! London, Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo, Rome and even Lake Tahoe are featured! Articles give off a ‘Favorite Things’ Oprah feel.

Twinkies May be Smaller Than People Recall



Twinkies are back, but they may be a bit smaller than you remember.

The new boxes hitting shelves this week list the spongy yellow cakes as having 270 calories and a weight of 77 grams for two cakes, or 135 calories and 38.5 grams for one cake.

Right before it went out of business, the predecessor company had told The Associated Press that Twinkies were 150 calories per cake. Photos of past boxes online also indicate the weight to have been 42.5 grams per cake.

A spokeswoman for Hostess, Hannah Arnold, said in an email Monday that the size change was made in “mid-2012” by the predecessor company. That would mean it happened in the months leading up to its bankruptcy, as the company was trying to keep its head above water financially.

Arnold has also said that the longer shelf life of Twinkies reported by The Associated Press earlier this month was made by the predecessor company right before it went bankrupt. The 45-day shelf life, up from 26 days, was a separate change and hit shelves Nov. 1, she said.

For retailers who request it, the company also said it’s freezing Twinkies so stores can stamp their own expiration dates on them.

The treats have been off shelves for almost eight months, since the predecessor company shut down its plants and said it was going out of business in late November.

Hostess has said that Twinkies will remain the same price, at $3.99 for a box of 10. Retailers may charge different prices, however.

Twinkies and other snack cakes were purchased by private equity firms Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos & Co. after Hostess Brands said it was closing down.

The predecessor company had failed to reach a contract agreement with The Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union, its second largest union, which noted that its members had already taken pay cuts to keep Hostess afloat.

The new owners, which are known for fixing up struggling brands, are not using unionized workers. That means their labor costs are lower than they were for the previous owners.

The bakers union has encouraged the new owners to change their approach and work with its members. It notes that the experience of its members offers “the best chance for long-term success in consistently putting out a quality product.”

(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

101 ‘Fast’ Foods That Changed the World


Recently the History Channel profiled the best fast foods in history. Before you read the list, know that fast food doesn’t mean McDonalds-fast-food. Fast is based on convenience and readiness for humans. For example, yogurt isn’t fast to make, but it’s fast to eat.

I didn’t watch the entire show, but I did note the top 20. I even noted some tidbits they shared.

20. Instant noodles
Instant noodles was used after the Japan tsunami to help survivors.

19. Dumplings

18. Burritos

17. Canned tuna
Only coffee and sugar sells more at grocery stores.

16. Olives

15. Corn on the cob
Corn is the biggest crop in the world.

14. Falafel

13. Yogurt

12. Bagels

11. Cold cuts

10. French Fries
One in 3 fries is from McDonalds.

9. BBQ

8. Jerky

7. Pizza
Three billion pizzas are sold in the U.S. every year.
And 94% of Americans eat pizza regularly.

6. Honey

5. Fried Chicken

4. Pickles

3. Bananas

2. Hot dogs
185 million hot dogs are sold on the Fourth of July every year

1. Hamburgers
Fifteen billion hamburgers are sold every year

What do you think of this list? Do you think the experts got it right?