Website Wednesday: Food GPS


This week’s selection is Food GPS.

I love the top left section – categories are identified subway map-style. How creative! The seven categories are self-explanatory: food, drinks, people, guides, events, about and contact.

The food section posts quick restaurant reviews, but it’s the ‘behind the scenes’ sub-section that I really enjoy! It’s not stuffy or upper-lipped, in fact, this portion really has fun with obliging chefs. For instance, there are articles entitled ‘what magazines do chefs subscribe to?’ (Redbook, Vintage Guitar and Formula 1 were some answers.). And what about ‘what TV shows do chefs watch?’ (The Good Wife, Fringe, and – the Americans courtesy of Tyler Florence!) It’s like dinner party conversation at your fingertips!

There are also hyperlinks to other food postings from the week before; it feels like someone really is looking out for me you know? I can’t read or find everything, but someone(s) on this site is!

The drinks section covers any liquid you’re in the mood for – from coffee to beer and cocktails. I personally enjoy the recipes – I’m always in the mood to try to something new! I don’t know much about beer, but I know my boyfriend would drool over the insider info on craft beers and festivals. While browsing the site, I also noticed older stories on breweries in Hawaii and Colorado – how cool is that!?

The people section is sub-divided into 6 other categories: chefs, bartenders and mixologists, beer pros, coffee pros, artisans and farmers. Interviews are in depth and show off each person’s skills, from the caramel maker Justin Chao to several LA area brewmasters. This section really highlights more is going on in today’s culinary world than just your ordinary chain restaurant offering. Each interviewee is passionate about their craft.

The guide section favors LA tastings, but also ventures out to other foodie destinations like Las Vegas, which is really helpful for moi! Contributors give off an ‘insider’ feel with each item listed. Being an outsider, I may have not heard of X, but it’s nice that someone who has, can take me inside and also offer me what’s in or out.
The only real downside is the events page – since I don’t live in LA, I can’t attend any of the events. But, they are always something to consider for the next time I go there, or you!

So I guess that means I’ll be using the about and contact sections huh?!


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