Website Wednesday: Chow


This week’s selection is from Chow.

The site is divided among four sections: a blog, discussions, recipes, videos, how-tos and travel stories. But there’s more – the day I was on, I noticed business-related stories on IHOP, McDonald’s, Red Robin and Costco.

Photos are large and colorful, just enough to make you drool all over your brand new iPad screen. Like the cocoa-chile-rubbed pork tenderloin, easy BBQ chicken and grilled fruit cocktails.

Healthy cooking is also a focus. The homepage contained a section called ’37 healthy summer recipes’ and included summer rolls and peanut sauce, grilled eggplant and red pepper with Israeli couscous and grilled corn with soy sauce and mirin.

Recipes are detailed and thorough, which I appreciate. You want someone who knows what they’re doing posting info like this! Each one also offers beverage pairings. Oh la la.


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