Website Wednesday: Action Against Hunger


This week’s selection is from Action Against Hunger.

Not everyone in this world has easy access to food, so it’s good to bring awareness and help others in need. In fact, the site says it helped 550,000 small farmers with tools after drought and displacement in 2012.

Action Against Hunger helps millions of people in over 40 countries each day. Just a few weeks ago, it launched a new mobile app called Give Your Calories that allows users to instantly “donate” calorie-packed snacks. Donating food can’t get any easier! And it helps so many people who really need it.

Another section of the site allows users to decide if they want to automatically donate each month. People can also call 1-877-777-1420 x117.

It’s important to point out that hunger doesn’t happen just around the holidays – it’s every day, and if we have the power to stop the suffering, we as human beings have a responsiblity to at least try to do that.

My workplace holds a drive-by food drive every December so I see how every donation affects people. It’s really nice to help those who need it. And it doesn’t matter how little or big the donation was, we encouraged everyone to help their neighbors, because you never know, one day you may need it. And wouldn’t it be nice to know there are people out there who care?


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