Feed Thy Neighbor


Late last month, my father sold his barely used trailer to a couple who lives a few blocks away.

He decided it was finally time to part with it since his wife died, and he doesn’t want to go to camping alone – or traveling at all since he’s always hated it. (What is wrong with him!)

Anyway, after he sold it, he showed the couple his house, and some of items inside like his model airplanes, backyard cannon and his two doggies, of course!

The man mentioned he’s a diver and would use our trailer for trips. And the next time he’d go he’d bring back photos for us – yes, including me. I think the photos in our hallway gave it away!

Two weeks later he returned with 3 conch shells for me, my father and his twin brother.

And then a few weeks later, he returned with a fourth – and with a homemade baked apple pie for the both of us.

It was such a generous gift! We didn’t ask for one, yet they still took the time to bake us a fruit pie. It was spectacular – right balance of spice and cinnamon, flaky golden crust and tart juicy apples.

I’ve yet to meet this couple, but I would like to say hi some day. I get the feeling dad has made two new friends, all by selling off a piece of family history.

Who knew right?

Moral of the story: say it with food.


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