Website Wednesday: Food Network


This week’s selection is from the granddaddy of them all – Food Network.

I chose this one for obvious reasons, because well, it’s too big to ignore.

When the network first started, I was a senior in high school. It became an instant hit in my parents’ household. My mother couldn’t get enough of it – and then she lured me into her web of food porn!

Together we’d watch David Rosengarten explain the intricacies of various salts, meats and spices. The next half-hour he would co-anchor a daily ‘news’ program with Sara Moulton, where they’d actually read ‘food news’ at a wooden desk.

See I watched it!

And then Al Gore invented the interwebs and the world wide web became infested with cat videos and food recipes!

Now three or so web generations later we’ve become more sophisticated with text/video offerings and want/need to learn more about certain delacies. You can do that with this site, search for similar recipes, even sort through healthier options. And if there’s a certain chef you fancy, you can sift through that person’s recipes and show information.

And since it is a Scripps Network site, you can also see samplings from Travel Channel. (No, I do not work for Scripps; I just think it’s great that the combo exists! Food, travel and wine?! Yeah!)

I refer to the site often especially around holidays – it’s like having my own personal chef. (At the time of this writing, the site had a tab above the main photo detailing BBQ How-Tos – and backyard burger recipes further down the page just in time for summer.)

The only complaint I really have is sometimes it’s hard to navigate. Maybe it is the white background, I don’t know, but it can be hard to find things on the fly. Some days it seems to be more for people who have time to spend food browsing, than those in need of a quick search or tip.

See also Food Network’s offshoot channel – The Cooking Channel


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