Say it With Food

I have the best father in the world. Not only does he take care of me, but he’s starting to enjoy cooking/baking with me.

Recently (while bringing me my forgotten cell phone charger), he whipped up this little spice cake for me and my co-workers. I had no idea. He beamed as he walked into my workplace, and told everyone, all 4 of us, that he created this.


“Oh my God dad. You didn’t have to do this.”

“I know.”

“As my co-workers say dad ‘say it with food!'”

I later found out he woke up at 6:30am to start baking our scrumptious surprise. I couldn’t be more proud of him. It’s the thought that really counts on this one.

And my co-workers loved it! The cake was so nice and fluffy, oh my God, I would have eaten it all if I could have.


In December, we both started this little snazzy creation, but he ended up finishing the whole thing for me instead.

I wanted to say thank you for all the goodies other people bring to work. I too can contribute to the fatness of the company, and not just take, take, take.

He was a hit. People took photos and posted them online. He even made a special wooden board to bring it on to work. He’s always taken enormous amounts of pride in his work!


To give you an idea of how big it really is… oh yeah, we’re not screwin’ around! It’s seriously the size of a toddler.


For years I’d look up on my parents’ wall and see this giant copper cookie cutter. But then my mother got sick…so I finally made the decision around last year’s holidays to finally bake one.

But I of course have to make this process even harder, like not allowing molasses in the recipe, because well, I don’t like the taste. So for two months I searched for that elusive recipe, then found it.

Next – how do we bake it? I consulted many fellow bakers/cookers as how to bake it – and in one piece. I finally decided we could cut him neckwise, and add a frosting scarf later. No one would know!

But that didn’t work out. While I was at work, he baked it, but broke it at the tip of the shoulder, leaving an awkward line to disguise. He baked another batch of gingerbread, from another recipe, just to cover the mistake.

When I came home to see what he’d done, he showed me he even attempted baking several 2’s – for the news station I work for. He wanted to put it on the man’s shoulder. I almost burst into tears over the show of affection.

He also told me that every five minutes he’d open the oven and turn the pieces so they could cook more evenly. He did that for 2 hours straight.

He’s always liked to surprise me with things like this. When I worked the morning show, he’d visit me and bring the entire crew McDonald’s apple pies. Because he wanted to.

I can’t believe my fortune, that I chose these two people to be my parents. I am so lucky.

I now look forward to coming home and seeing what he’s doing. We still even bake/cook together sometimes.

And that’s really the best gift I could ever have – quality time and wonderful memories.


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