Website Wednesday: National Food Holidays


Foodimentary is as the web name implies – elementary food thoughts. Below each item are a few fun facts and other interesting tidbits about the specific date. Think of it more as trivia for your next cocktail party. For instance I found this under May 25: ‘2007 Coca Cola created a 3,000 gallon, 15 foot high ice cream float with Vanilla Coke and ice cream, and set a new world record for the largest ice cream float. The float was certified as drinkable by health inspectors, but it was disposed of by a garbage company. Coke also held the previous record from 1998 with a 2,085 gallon float.’ Now, come on, tell the truth – who else will know this!

But the one I refer to most is The Nibble.


First of all – what a great name! Meaning why didn’t I think of it?!

This site even gives product reviews. Which may be good for wedding gift registries, just a thought.

There are also videos loaded right onto the homepage. The day I looked at this site, it included information for frosting a cake.

And for those who truly need help, it contained sushi, pasta or beef glossaries. Thank God. I was getting confused about my sushi cut shoulder meats! A link takes you to even more glossaries, like holy crap! there’s a lot of glossaries, which is nice to see.

The site just gives off a fun vibe. Like the people behind the webpage really enjoy their job and want to share their knowledge with you.

Oh, and did I mention the free e-card section?!


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