Website Wednesday: Williams-Sonoma


Welcome to the first installment of Website Wednesday.

I hope to expand your culinary knowledge every week with my various fabulous selections.

I came up with this idea realizing I know a lot of cool sites, so why should I hold back? Share with others. I’d want the same if I was looking/following other food websites.

So let’s start –

with this Sunday being Mother’s Day I wanted to share

“But I have a Williams-Sonoma store,” you say. Not all cities across America do. In fact, up until about five, yes, five years ago, my mother and I would drive ‘over the hill’ from Reno to Roseville, California or San Francisco to shop at our nearest location.

So not everywhere is a Williams-Sonoma, but, everywhere is the internet. See how I tied that together?! Eh, eh!

Information now shared with the masses. Not in exclusive stand-alone stores.

My mother would have lived at that store if she could. So that’s why I made this my first selection.


I’ve always thought the best part of this website is the recipes. Some are not for the faint of heart. Plus, if you don’t want to bake extravagant cookies or cakes for holidays, you can get some shipped straight to your door! Awesome!

Be warned, you could spend days on this site looking at all the latest and greatest cooking gadgets. Anything you can think of – from grill tools to pot racks to cheese and even seafood can be found on here.

In recent years, WS has even expanded into wine, home and outdoor furnishings. But the cookbook and bar section still remain my favorites.

Ok, enough of me yapping on, go look at it yourself and share with me what you think!

See also Sur la Table!


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