First Time for Everything Right?

I’ve always heard horror stories of similar happenings at other places, but this particular event happened to me on Thursday night at a Thai restaurant my boyfriend and I frequent a lot in South Reno.

I won’t name the establishment, since I don’t bear any bad will against them.

Stuff happens.

For some reason I decided to order dessert – fried bananas with creamy vanilla ice cream. I won’t lie – I love me some good ice cream.

So I thought I’d try it. Plus, I really thought I could hear it calling my name all throughout our entrée course.

The ice cream was a little hard, so I was forced to stab my fork through the cream the first few times.
And then it happened – crunch went my jaw.

I assumed it was a ‘glassy’ piece of cream. Nope, I pulled it out of my teeth to reveal a small chunk of hard frosty colored plastic!

I felt like John Allen Hill on Cheers! when he bit into a crab salad Woody let him taste!

I couldn’t believe it!

Plop! I dropped it on the glass table.

My boyfriend eyeballed it like it was a piece of rare diamond, complete with up-and-down eyebrow movement. “This really could have hurt you.”

“I’m fine. More worried something’s broken back there.”

When the server came back, I alerted him. He left, and then came back to inform me I had chewed on a piece of ice cream machine. They matched the loose chunk to the machine.

He apologized, and then someone else apologized.

“I’m fine. I want just wanted to make sure nothing was broken on your end.” It could have happened again – and to someone like a small unsuspecting child.

As a make-goods gesture, they took the dessert off our bill, and gave us 20% off our next bill.

“I would have sued!” my co-worker yelled the next day!

While nice, I kept saying to the staff they didn’t have to compensate us. Yes, I do understand good business, but it’s also not like I choked, had a heart attack or suffered a dehabilitating allergic reaction that required emergency hospitalization.

Nope, I just chomped on part of an ice cream machine.

I just hope they don’t remember as the ‘plastic’ girl the next time we go – most likely next week. As I had informed our server, we live close by and are still exploring the menu. He even knows what drinks we order – each time. Yes, we’re very consistent that way.

So maybe it was good this happened – shake up our routine a little. He did slyly suggest ordering a different chicken dish this time around, but I turned him down.

Maybe the universe does want us to explore their menu – even more.


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