Steak Inspired Pork Chops? Get Ready for New Names!


The next time you buy pork, don’t be surprised if it’s called porterhouse.

Yes, the pork – and – beef industries are renaming 350 different cuts of meat in an effort to boost consumer appeal.

So that means no more pork butt. RIP.

No, names will henceforth include a cut identifier (tenderloin, sirloin tip, porterhouse) and a cut form like filet, roast or chop. In store labels will also specify the type of meat, whether it’s bone in or boneless and the best way to cook it.


The new names have been in the works for the past few years, ever since focus groups really got confused about types of meats.

So the USDA, along with the Beef Checkoff Program and the National Pork Board, decided a change was needed to the outdated 1970’s nomenclature.

Now, a beef under blade boneless steak will be labeled Denver Steak and a pork loin rib chop will be a ribeye chop while the good ole ground beef will remain ‘ground beef.’ Got that?! Oh, and chicken, well, there’s no plans to change those cuts of meat. Yet!

Since the beef and pork name change is not mandatory, not all stores will follow suit, just to make it more confusing for some of us! You can expect to see the new Retail Meat Identification Standards (URMIS) starting this summer, just in time for prime grilling season.

You’re welcome! Grill on my friends!

Need more help with  your pork? Click here or here


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